So, I had to watch The Lorax again for a school project. Basically in the project we had to make a unit plan and make it social justice themed. I decided to go with an environmental justice theme. Watching it again as an adult and paying more attention to it, I realized that it is actually a good movie. It is a kid friendly way of showing how quickly the environment can change. It also shows how greed can change a person. Overall, it was a good movie for a children’s animated movie.

This is my last week of school and I am so happy!! I procrastinated way too much this semester. Next semester I will do way better in that department. I am so excited to finally be able to do the things I did not have the time for.

Starting next week, I will be doing movie and book reviews. Maybe I will do TV show reviews too. I am considering writing poetry on here too. If anyone is reading this, let me know if there is anything in particular you want to see or have me review. 😛

(Just so you know, the images I use on here I find on Google Search. If I ever post any of my own art I will say so 🙂 )


Hey. I’m new here. The purpose of this blog is to be a sort of public journal. I just want to share my thoughts with whoever is even interested.

A bit about me: I love music, reading, collecting books, art, movies, video games, traveling, and I’m trying to be healthier (mind and body).

I am currently in school and can’t wait for this semester to be over. I’ll be able to focus on the things I want to do. Yay!!! Once school is over, my posts will be focused more on the books and movies I’m reading.

I always read fiction books, but I have been wanting to get out of my comfort zone. So, if you know any good books please comment. I am also on the hunt for a very good horror book that actually scares me. I’ve loved horror since I was little, so at this point I’m numb to it if that makes sense.

Anyways. Hope you have a good day. 😀